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I seriously cannot rave about Lindsey Thorne enough. My entire experience from booking a shoot with her to receiving my little black book was extremely fun and easy! Lindsey is an expert at bringing out the beauty in everyone; I believe every woman should feel the way I felt when I saw my photos for the first time! I had no idea I could look like that!

-S, July 2015


This is something I have always wanted to do, my 27th birthday was coming up, and I figured this was the perfect present to do for myself! I did my research and found Lindsey was across the board the VERY BEST! She ended up being all those things, and more. From the beginning she gave me all the information I needed and made me feel comfortable throughout the whole process…she felt more like a friend than anything else, which was more than perfect when you get something this intimate done! All of my pictures were even better than I could imagine, she captured the most flattering parts of me, and made it soft and classic just like I asked. Will be using her for any photo needs in the future, and hopefully another boudoir shoot in the future!

-A, March 2015IMG_9932

Lindsey is absolutely lovely…. She was so fun and easy to get along with, and she walked me through exactly what to do. How to pose to make me look absolutely incredible. I felt not only sexy, but empowered and strong while i was almost in my birthday suit. It takes a special person to pull that off! I would tell any woman looking for a boudoir photographer, she is top notch!!!!! Just go for it, what are you waiting for!??!!

-E, February 2015IMG_7524

Lindsey Thorne was one of the best photographers I have ever worked with! She makes you feel comfortable and beautiful. She makes you feel at ease from the moment you arrive and it’s always easy to have fun and laugh with her! She helps coordinate outfits so you are always looking your best. She never leaves things up to chance. She will help you pose and adjust the tiniest things to ensure that the photos turn out wonderful. You can tell she loves what she does because she seems to have as much as much fun as you are! I was nervous about getting boudoir photos taken but there wasn’t a moment I felt embarrassed or nervous after I arrived.

She is excellent at what she does and I will ALWAYS recommend her!!

Thank you Lindsey!

-C, June 2014IMG_8836

Working with Lindsey is a dream. Her professional and easy-going demeanor during my boudoir shoot kept me completely at ease. You can tell she is so skilled at her craft- she directed me through each pose, and even helped me pick out the coordinating outfits from the bags of clothes and accessories I brought. Lindsey has an eye for beauty, and the few preview pictures she gave me made my fiancé speechless. While this shoot was a valentines gift for my fiancé, I think I benefitted WAY more than him. My ego is still disproportionately huge!

-A, March 2014IMG_4529

This was my present to myself for turning 32. It was the best birthday present, you have to do it.  I thought it was going to be awkward and I wouldn’t know what to do. But it was actually a lot of fun and Lindsey walks you through exactly how to pose.  None of her poses are cheesy and she is really good at putting together your outfits for what’s going to be the best. You have to do it!

-S, February 201438_austins-best-boudoir-studio-lindsey-thorne

I cannot begin to explain how professional and brilliant Lindsey truly is. The vision she had during the photo shoot and how she directed her vision was unlike any photographer I’ve seen “in action”. Not only does she make you feel immediately comfortable when you first meet her, during the entire shoot, she was so personable and enthusiastic that you can FEEL how passionate she is during her shoots. I loved every minute of shooting with Lindsey – she made me feel confident and at ease all at the same time. And now the pictures! O.M.G. Beau-ti-ful. I was literally speechless when I opened the file. Do I really look like that? OMG I look amazing! Wow – all these thoughts swarmed my head. Lindsey did a miraculous job capturing my emotions in every pose – truly a gift. Go with Lindsey, you won’t regret it – she has an amazing talent in photography that stands out beyond the rest. Thank you Lindsey for making me feel so beautiful!!

-C, February 201450_austins-best-boudoir-studio-lindsey-thorne

Lindsey did a great job as I used her for pics for my husband.  She totally made me feel comfortable, had wine ready and music and made the whole session totally relaxing.  I love the pictures and would highly highly recommend her!

-B, January 2014IMG_9714

I absolutely loved every minute of working with Lindsey.  She was professional, incredibly kind, and made me feel absolutely beautiful.  I am not someone that is very comfortable changing in front of other people so I thought I was going to be extremely uncomfortable, but that was not the case at all.  It was so much fun- I honestly was laughing the entire time.
Most importantly, her pictures are unbelievably stunning.  I ordered her black boudoir package and am so glad that I did.  I brought three giant bags of clothes, jewelry, shoes, etc. and she helped me put together three perfect outfits.
Stop looking for other photographers and contact Lindsey ASAP.  You will not regret it 🙂

-K, September 2013IMG_0080

I contacted Lindsey for a boudoir shoot after reviewing several local photographers. I am so glad I did! I was really nervous going into the shoot because I had never done any type of photo shoot, less a boudoir one!! Once I got there, she made me feel super comfortable, helped me pick out the outfits (I took half of my closet!) and completely guided me through the process. She made it very easy from the beginning, coaching me the whole way through. After the shoot, she said she would contact me within the week with some samples and a few weeks after that with the full book – and that’s exactly what she did. I was SO excited to see the finish shots! They are beautiful, I can’t wait to give my fiance the book on the day of our wedding! He’s going to be blown away and will probably want to thank Lindsey personally, lol!

-C, August 2013806df562183287be-1_austinsbestboudoirphotographerlindseythorne

Had so much fun working with Lindsey! I was time crunched and putting together a book for my anniversary (less than a week to have it all done and shipped to our out- of- town hotel), and she made it all happen. She returned my email about needing to schedule a shoot immediately, and found time to squeeze me in that week. She made me feel totally comfortable during our two hour boudoir shoot, helped pick out outfits and guided me throughout the entire process. She had my photos ready for viewing the next day, and even worked with me over the weekend to make sure my book was perfect. It was a great experience that I would recommend to anyone thinking of doing a boudoir shoot. Thanks again, Lindsey!

-M, June 2013d277b6e51fba1b6c-16_austinsbestboudoirphotographerinmyboudoirlindseythorne

I’d been looking for a great photographer to do a boudoir photo shoot for a while. I looked at different websites for inspiration and found Lindsey online. She does incredible work, has an artistic eye, and makes even the most camera shy feel comfortable. Even the boldest lady might find it intimidating hanging out in her fancies in front of a perfect stranger, but the experience itself was great! When I first got to look at the proofs, I thought: 1.) holy moley they’re beautiful! and 2.) oh, wait, that’s me!  I’m glad that I have these photos and would hire Lindsey again for a future shoot (boudoir, wedding, whatever, she’s amazing.)  Thanks Lindsey!

-M, March 24 2013IMG_8150

Lindsey offers amazing packages for weddings and portraiture. My husband and I were looking for someone who would fit our personalities and give us something not only special, but unique. When we first met with Lindsey we knew she was the photographer for us. We chose to do an engagement session, bridal portraits, day of the wedding, as well as boudoir. Our first session with Lindsey was the engagement session. She offers the most unique experience for engagement pictures. She asked us what were our favorite things to do, and on the shoot day we basically just went on a date. It was so much fun, and she made us feel at ease with having our picture taken while out and about in Austin. Our favorite pictures were put together into a guest book and at the wedding people went nuts over it. They loved the book itself, but also thought our pictures were awesome. A friend of mine getting married soon was bummed she hadn’t know about the book in time to do one herself. The book is now sitting on our coffee table, a treasured memento from our wedding. The bridal session was also a blast. I wanted to surprise my mom with a few special pictures, and Lindsey was nice enough to put those in a separate online gallery so that I could send my mom a link for the rest of the pictures without ruining the surprise. The boudoir session was great. My husband LOVED his book. Lindsey made me feel very comfortable through the whole process. Lastly, Lindsey rocked our wedding. With so many people that we hadn’t seen in years, having Lindsey there to capture every moment was just what we wanted. She even agreed to stay later than we’d originally contracted for so that she was there for the exit. While we were dancing, she managed to get right in the action without making the guests feel awkward. Half the time we didn’t even know she was there on the dance floor with us. We’re going to treasure those pictures.

-A, October 20121b490ca57837eb18-IMG_4899_1

Lindsey was SO AMAZING to work with. She put together a ‘sexy’ and fun photobook that I gave to my husband as a wedding present. I had so much fun at the photoshoot and never felt uncomfortable. I received the photobook when it was promised and the quality is awesome. Lindsey was great to work with, I would recommend her services to anyone.

-G, November 2011PageImage-522123-4459881-22_IMG_5320

I searched and searched for the right photographer to shoot my wedding, I knew exactly what I was looking for. I wanted artistic, creative shots, not just regular boring wedding photos. As soon as we met with Lindsey, I knew she was perfect for the look we wanted! She shot my boudoir photos too, and made me look and feel super sexy! Not only is Lindsey talented and creative, but she’s a sweet person who makes you feel comfortable. Our wedding photos are awesome, they look like shots from a magazine spread!

-M, May 2011austin-boudoir-photography

In addition to our wedding, Lindsey shot our engagement photos and my boudoir shoot and throughout all of it, we had nothing but wonderful things to say about her and her work. I think the best advice I got when planning the wedding was “the only thing you walk away from this wedding with is a spouse and your photos, so make sure you love your photographer”, and we are truly grateful to have found someone that was able to give us such incredible images to look back on for the rest of our lives.

-C, 2010i-heart-my-geek-tshirt

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