Houston Boudoir Marathon

Houston Boudoir Marathon


Houston, I’m coming for you! July 20th, 21st and 22nd I will be renting a modern, spacious suite in downtown Houston for two days and three nights. This means I am bringing Austin’s top Yelp rated boudoir studio, In My Boudoir to you! Not only that, but I am also offering $50 off my sitting fees until September 1, 2017 because #SUMMATIME!! *You can view my promo on Instagram, too!


This means for a limited time, you can shoot in up to three outfits and view up to 60 unique photos from each outfit for only $100. If you’re getting married this fall and are in need of a gift for your boo, a bridal boudoir session is perfect! Think of this as a gift that keeps giving, good for him, good for you =) You will both be so in love with the photos (especially 30 years from now…).

My 8×8 inch boudoir book makes for an amazing bride & groom’s gift. Here’s my dream scenario (I am also a wedding photographer and have set this up before):

*Speak with your boo before the wedding day about setting aside a few minutes before the ceremony to open gifts from each other. Ask your wedding photographer to find a private spot for them to open the gift before the ceremony. Your photographer will definitely want to capture this. Trust me, these are ‘Kodak’ moments my friend…* 036_IMG_4131k

My preferred professional hair + makeup stylist will be on-location and available if you’d like to add her to your package, $150. She’s ridiculously amazing, I highly suggest you take the stress of getting picture perfect off your shoulders and let her take care of you. This also gives you time to drink mimosas (I mean liquid courage) before stripping down…. haha!


Couples, individuals, bachelorette parties, girlfriends, boyfriends, young and old are welcome!!!


Spaces are limited, I plan to offer 3-4 sessions per day so contact me today to reserve your spot! You can also read through my FAQ’s to learn about what it’s like to work with me, and what you can expect. I promise, I will surprise you with how easy I make this for you. It is my job to pose you, not yours. I will tell you when to smile, when not to smile, when to pop your booty, when to point your toes, when to close your eyes… and when to breath. Not kidding. It is my job to bring out your sexy side. None of the images on my boudoir site are models, and I will gladly send you links to past full client galleries so you can see more examples. Don’t worry, I got you. Boudoir photography is my full time job, it is my passion, it is my specialty. Book your session now!

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