a little bit modern, a little bit 1920’s


nansy is an amazing woman. she just graduated from UT, she is smart, incredibly personable and wise beyond her years. plus… she’s a total knock out. earlier this year she accompanied her friend’s boudoir shoot (which you will see in the near future). she then decided to schedule her own shoot, all the while interning for me for a few weeks before her graduation! we bonded instantly, she helped me with marketing, bridal shows, scheduling and more. for her shoot, she decided to go for a look that was a blend of modern style with 1920’s accessories. i’m completely obsessed with statement necklaces for boudoir, her 20’s inspired pearl hammock necklace perfectly completed her lingerie outfit. not to mention her amazing beige lace-up peep toe booties or her gold fringe robe… and there’s nothing quite like the way a good pair of jeans makes you feel. isn’t she stunning?





6_austin-boudoir-photographer_lindsey-thorne_fringei brought nansy back into the office to show her images to her in person, something i will soon be offering all the lovely ladies that book with me! her reaction made me so happy. this right here is why i love my job.


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